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Forum Rules

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Welcome to Ulvegraven

Ulvegraven is the Forum of Black Wolves, we have some rules you have to respect:


There is no freedom of expression on Ulvegraven. Like every other forum, this forum is moderated by a group of Admins. http://forum-services-review.toptenrevi ... -tips.html gives you a guide how to behave in a forum.

Normal etiquette and the following rules apply to Ulvegraven:

1. Posts containing threats or call for violence, will be deleted.
2. Posts containing rasicsm, homophobia, slander, mudslinging or or purely is of provocative nature will be deleted.
3. Posts without real sender, or with rumors without source, will be deleted.
4. Posts with only personal messages/statements, will be deleted.
5. Posts started with a subject already active, will be moved or deleted. Admins makes that decision.
6. Advertising with profit as the purpose is not allowed in Ulvegraven. If you are in doubt contact the Administrator at before you post.
7. Posts with buy and sell as subject will be deleted. Use or instead.
8. Posts revealing the squad og starting lineup from the open traning sessions, will immideatly be deleted without warning. Repeated offenses will give quarantine. It is up to the Admin team to decide what will be deleted, and as it is the Clubs wish to keep it away from the public, this is not up for discussion.

The Admin group has the right to delete posts anytime, if they decide that the post in the current situation is inappropriate for Ulvegraven.


Normally there will be no consequences if a post is deleted. Quarantines may be issued to debaters if they disregard the rules (heavily) or prober etiquette. If a debater breaks the rules several times, disregard etiquette or show a distinct lack of ability to debate in a prober maner, quarantines may be issued.

The lenght of a quarantine will be decided by the Admin group, and may vary from a few days to a lifelong ban.

Who is in charge of Ulvegraven?:

Ulvegraven is the official forum of Black Wolves.
Ulvegraven is moderated by a group chosen by the Board of Black Wolves. The group is responsible for the daily operations of Ulvegraven. To avoid personal smear campaigns, the Board has decided to keep the group anonymous. The group is always subject to the Board of Black Wolves.

If you want to complain:

Don't complain in a post, it will be deleted. Contact an Admin by e-mail, he will then review your complain.


Black Wolves cannot be held responsible for statements, opinions or unsubstantiated rumors, which may be submitted at Ulvegraven. Opinions in a post is solely the ones of the author.


By Danish law, copying or quoting frem Ulvegraven, is not allowed without permission from the author, and proper acknowledgement of the source.